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Sweet Slumber Baby Monitor

Sweet Slumber Baby Monitor

Seamless night-to-day baby monitoring, designed to offer parents peace of mind and a good night's sleep.

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  • 😴 Soothing Lullabies
  • πŸ”Š Clear Two-Way Talk
  • 🌜 Automatic Night Vision
  • 🌑️ Temperature Alerts
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" Gotta say this monitor is a life-saver. Night vision is crisp & the talk function is like I'm right there in the room. Super happy with the range too, no probs when I'm out on the patio! "
Mary M.

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Worried about baby’s comfort through the night? πŸŒ™

Let those worries fade away with the 'Sweet Slumber Baby Monitor'. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic night vision to watch over your little one in the dark and built-in lullabies to soothe them to sleep, ensuring they're safe and sound.

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Stay connected with your baby from afar! πŸ’¬

With the two-way talk feature, you can hear your baby’s coos and cries, and respond immediately with your comforting voice. Whether you’re in another room or the garden, stay connected no matter the distanceβ€”up to 1000ft range.

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Is your baby sleeping in the ideal environment? 🌑

Gain insights into your baby’s comfort with real-time temperature monitoring. Receive alerts if the nursery's temperature deviates from the ideal, ensuring your baby remains in a healthy environment at all times.

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  • Jennifer J.

    "Love, love, love the lullabies! They calm my little one in no time. And the temperature feature is such a bonusβ€”can check if my baby's too hot or cold without disturbing 😊."

  • Dorothy D.

    "Easy setup and the battery life's great, went through the night without needing a charge. Screen size is perfect and the video quality? Super clear! It's like having an extra pair of eyes."

  • Lisa L.

    "The night vision on this is legit amazing. Checked on my kiddo at midnight and could see everything clear as day. Absolutely recommend!"

  • Sandra S.

    "Portable and convenient, carried it all around the house. Worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings."


Try the Sweet Slumber Baby Monitor today. Sleep easier tonight knowing that if you're not satisfied, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Experience the ultimate ease of mind with Sweet Slumber Baby Monitor. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure of your baby's safety and your total satisfaction. Risk-free, worry-free.

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